Superior Location

SCF is located in the city centre of Shanghai, the fashion capital of China. Situated within the only fashion and innovation industry cluster in Shanghai, SCF students will find it easy to access the latest international fashion trends and academic developments through the highly centralized resources in this area.

Superb Discipline

DHU has the most comprehensive disciplines in Textile and Fashion fields among China. "Design Studies" is the Shanghai municipal key discipline, ranked No. 6 in China and No. 1 in Shanghai in the third academic evaluation organized by Ministry of Education of China in 2012. Edinburgh College of Art of UOE is one of the oldest art academies in Europe and famous for its innovation and research capability. Its disciplines in "Art and Design" hold high ranking positions in the UK.

Exceptional Faculty

The faculty members of SCF possess rich working experience in world-class universities or renowned multinational corporations. Over 1/3 of the courses are delivered by lecturers or professors from well-known international fashion and design institutions. Through collaboration and scholarly flow, SCF aims to attract the most outstanding fashion and innovation talents to build up exceptional faculty teams.

Modular Teaching Method

The modular teaching method focuses on building competence, is known for its flexibility, feasibility and economy. Students are trained to get a broad academic theoretical foundation, sharp fashion sense, practical design capacity and professional international competitiveness.

Diversified Exchange & Practice

The essence of the identical disciplines of both DHU and its partner foreign universities will be introduced to SCF through a variety of ways, including a Study Abroad Programme, an Exchange Programme, an International Design Contest, a Corporation Training Programme and Design workshops. Such professional and social practice activities help the students broaden their horizons and enhance their practical skills.

High Quality Academic Degree

SCF students who have completed all SCF required courses and passed all assessments will receive DHU Undergraduate Graduation Certificates and Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificates awarded by Donghua University, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. The students selected to study at UOE who have completed all courses and passed all assessments at both SCF and UOE will, in accordance with the degree awarding standard of UOE, also receive BA (Hons) Arts Degree Certificates in related disciplines awarded by the University of Edinburgh.

Wide-ranging Career Development

SCF aims to cultivate international fashion and innovation talents and indivuduals, who are designers and design management professionals with cutting edge creativity to lead fashion trends. DHU and UOE have established close collaboration relations with many renowned institutions and enterprises in the fashion industry, and this provides a wide platform for the career development of SCF students.