Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, Donghua University (hereinafter referred to as SCF College) was established in February 2014 with the approval of the Ministry of education. It is a non-independent legal person Chinese foreign cooperative school running institution of international cooperative diploma education jointly established by Donghua University and Edinburgh University. In September 2014, SCF College began to recruit students, and in September 2015, it began to recruit students from the society. SCF College has two undergraduate majors: Fashion Innovation and Fashion Interior. The school is located in the West Yanan Road Campus of Donghua University. SCF College, through cooperation with well-known institutions in the international fashion capital, integrates local and international, pays equal attention to both theory and practice, explores new modes and institutional mechanisms of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools, introduces international first-class education system, gathers international first-class teachers, creates international first-class fashion creative disciplines, and cultivates international first-class fashion creative talents.

Educational goals
Through international academic and educational cooperation, we set up a world-class Chinese foreign cooperativeorganization focusing on fashion innovation, design, management, fashion and other disciplines in China, explore new modes and mechanisms of Chinese foreign cooperation, cultivate international, high-quality, application-oriented professionals who are urgently needed for the development of fashion industries in Shanghai, China and even the world, and provide valuable services , strong intellectual support.

Educational characteristics
The disciplinary background of strong alliance
Donghua University has been selected as one of the first batch of double first-class world-class discipline construction universities in China. It has the most comprehensive textile and clothing discipline group in China, and design is a first-class discipline doctoral program. The University of Edinburgh is one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in the world. According to the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) world university rankings in 2020, the University of Edinburgh ranks 20th. In the long history of Edinburgh University, many influential figures have been cultivated, including four British prime ministers and 27 Nobel Prize winners. Edinburgh College of art is one of the art schools with the longest history in Europe. It is famous for its innovative ability and research. Its' art and design 'professional category ranks among the top in the UK.

High quality and high end international education system
SCF College relies on the strength of overseas top cooperative institutions, introduces the world-class education system through international cooperation, and establishes an international first-class teaching team composed of foreign teachers from Edinburgh University, teachers from Donghua University and teachers recruited from all over the world. Through win-win and lasting cooperation in teaching and scientific research, we will attract international excellent fashion creative talents and ensure the first-class discipline construction. The design of the teaching scheme is synchronized with the relevant majors of Edinburgh University. The professional core courses are fully introduced with foreign characteristic education resources, all of which are taught in English. The professional construction and development are guided by the international leading professional standards, and the first-class fashion creative design high-end talents with international vision are cultivated.

Innovative concept of integration of local and international
SCF College advocates the integration of local and international. Donghua University has established close international cooperation with 31 famous clothing and art colleges in 12 countries and regions, including the world's five fashion capitals. We should create a platform for foreign students to be recruited through international cooperation and cooperation. In addition, Donghua University and The University of Edinburgh have established good cooperative relations with many well-known institutions and enterprises in fashion creative industry all over the world, providing a broad platform for students' employment.

The cultivation characteristics of both theory and practice
SCF College advocates both theory and practice. In the teaching, we attach great importance to the integration and penetration of theory and practice, attach importance to the design and expression of students in the training program and curriculum arrangement, and adopt various ways of integration of theory and practice in the teaching organization, including international design competition, international school enterprise cooperation project and so on. Actively encourage students to participate in the studio project research, complete the materialization and production of the design scheme in the research process, accumulate rich practical experience, and finally sublimate and integrate the learned theory and experience in the way of graduation design display. It provides a solid foundation for the cultivation of students' practical ability, the cultivation of professional quality, and the incubation of entrepreneurship towards the society.

High quality academic degree
Students of SCF College, who have completed the required studies and passed the examination, will obtain the bachelor's degree certificate of related majors and bachelor's degree certificate of art issued by Donghua University, which is recognized by the Ministry of education of China. The University of Edinburgh offers no more than 10 students per year to study in Edinburgh for the third and fourth academic years. Students who have completed two years' studies at the University of Edinburgh, have completed the required studies of SCF College and the University of Edinburgh and passed the assessment. Those who meet the requirements of the University of Edinburgh degree will also receive the Bachelor of Arts degree certificate of relevant majors issued by the University of Edinburgh.