Lin Wenwei

The Secretary of SCF Joint Party, DHU


林文伟,女,汉族,1968年1月生,浙江宁波人。东华大学联合学院党委书记,博士,研究员。长期以来结合工作需要,以工作中的问题为导向,专注于高校学生教育和管理、创新创业教育、中国传统文化方面的研究,加强理论的研究与实践的创新,取得了一定的成果。发表专著1本、论文13篇,其中CSSCI 9篇,科研项目8项,研究成果获得教育部高等学校社会科学发展研究中心高校德育创新发展研究成果二等奖2项、三等奖1项,教育部高校校园文化建设优秀成果奖1项,中国学位与研究生教育学会德育委员会特等奖1项,上海市教委奖励3项,东华大学教学成果二等奖2项。

Li Jun

The dean


In  charge of the overall work of the college, responsible for teaching  management, scientific research, international cooperation, etc.  Associate professor, Doctor, member of the 11th Shanghai Youth  Federation. Master tutor in Fashion Design and Digital Media Art. Since  2003, he has visited many universities in Finland as a guest lecturer,  and participated in the establishment of DHU-Swarovski Creative Design  Center, DHU-PTC International Fashion PLM Center, DHU-Decathlon  Sportswear Design Center and other international cooperative scientific  research bases. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 20  professional garment design projects in government, army, highway, bank  and other systems. From 2008 to 2010, as one of the creators, I designed  official costumes for The Shanghai World Expo, including volunteer  little cabbage, visitor service, concierge and other positions. In  recent years, he has published 15 papers and monographs, completed more  than 30 industry-academy-research projects entrusted by brand garment  enterprises, assisted garment enterprises to win one China famous  trademark, one Shanghai famous brand, one China famous brand, and three  Double top 100 of Chinese garment enterprises, and jointly applied for  more than 60 patents of various kinds with enterprises.

Juliette MacDonald


International dean


Responsible for the coordination of the course quality and flying academics in China.

She  is the international dean of SCF, doctor of St Andrews University,  professor. Former director of Design Branch of Edinburgh College of Art,  University of Edinburgh, Director of UK-China Cooperation, Professor of  Design and Visual Culture, doctoral supervisor. In recent years, she  has published nearly 20 papers and monographs, and achieved important  research achievements in the fields of art history and contemporary  craft and design. It plays an important role in the cooperation between  Donghua University and The University of Edinburgh, and makes an  important contribution to the improvement of Donghua University's  international reputation and influence in the field of fashion  creativity and design.

Helena Hyvönen

Consultant dean


To  be responsible for the consultancy of Sino-foreign cooperation in  running schools. She is the consultant president of SCF, she was honored  with Magnolia Memorial Award in Shanghai in 2016, and the first class  medal of Finnish Order of White Roses awarded by the President of  Finland in 2010. In recent years, cooperation in government, university  and industry association and fashion companies, and other functions of  the international important position, she through participation in  government policy, industry rules and fashion business consulting  services, etc., in the field of fashion all important departments  continue to exert influence, efforts to practice the concept of  sustainable design and cross-border integration innovation. At the same  time, she has also organized and participated in many international top  academic conferences and seminars, covering topics such as sustainable  fashion, textile design, fashion brands, fashion education, etc. Through  communication and discussion with world-class scholars and experts,  Helena has demonstrated and communicated the concept of sustainable  fashion innovation to fashion industry people around the world, and in  this process, made more people understand and pay attention to the  cutting-edge trends of fashion design development. In 2015, she  participated in the China's good homework activity held by Shanghai  education commission, explained sustainable fashion design and national  costumes in One Belt And One Road to primary and middle school students  from Shanghai, and was awarded the honorary title of China's good  homework tutor by the municipal education commission.