Second year students at SCF will be able to register at UCAS and transfer to the third and fourth year study at the University of Edinburgh's Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in Fashion or Interior design. Students who have successfully completed their first two years of study in SCF college, with no more than 10 students per major, will have the opportunity to participate in the interview organized by the ECA-appointed interviewers after passing UCAS enrollment. Students who transfer to the ECA will be placed in the formal professional classes of the ECA, rather than the single SCF transfer class.

Application requirements:

1. Ranking top 10 in academic performance and having a GPA higher or equal to 3.0 (≥3.0) at the time of application; All courses required to pass the examination;

2. IELTS score is no less than 6.5, and individual score is no less than 6.0;

3. Excellent in character and learning, recommended by SCF.