The main curriculum is based on the Donghua University and the Interior Design Course at the University of Edinburgh's School of art, include but are not limited to, architecture and interior perspective, design software foundation, architectural solid model, architectural sketch, Color Foundation, computer-aided interior design, environmental graphic design, runway design, fast fashion shop design, design structure and form, fashion hotel, residential interior design, architectural decoration materials and technology, flagship store design, dining space design, furniture design, high-end custom store design, commercial architectural design studio, architectural structure and equipment, industrial space innovative design, lighting design, etc. .



The practical courses include: Professional Research, design practice, portfolio and curriculum vitae, graduate research, graduation design development, thesis Writing 1, Graduation Design Studio, graduation design, thesis writing, graduation work display, etc. . At the same time, curriculum teaching through international school-enterprise cooperation projects and other models, the use of theory and practice, so that students have the opportunity to participate in Studio Project Research, and encourage students to complete the design of the materialization and production process, accumulate rich practical experience.



This specialty has the strong union discipline background, the introduction high-quality high-end internationalization teacher, carries out the native and the international fusion innovation idea, creates the theory and the practice equally to lay stress on the training characteristic. The project-based teaching model of the University of Edinburgh is introduced, with the project as the course unit and the courses of each semester organized around more than 3 professional projects, with emphasis on training students' practical ability and working methods of teamwork. More than one-third of the courses will be taught by British teachers in China. Students will be able to keep abreast of the latest international academic trends and fashion trends. At the same time, the college provides students with a studio teaching environment, so that students are familiar with and master a variety of practical professional skills. The core curriculum of the program encourages students to use specialized equipment to study different materials and methods of reconstructing space and objects. Through the cooperation with the cross-boundary course of fashion creative design specialty, the students can deepen the material and design method of cognitive space construction structure from the angle of fashion product design. In addition, the Institute introduced the concept of international student associations, to achieve student’s self-service, self-management training model.



Graduates go to the international fashion brand engaged in window display, store overall image planning and display design; Engaged in design work in architectural design institute, International Architectural Design Consulting Company, Interior Design Company, Exhibition Company, Landscape Design Company; In Fashion Magazine and Interior Design Professional magazine as editor, etc. . The employment rate for the class of 2019 is 100%, and the advanced education rate is 63.16%.