1. What is the nature of SCF?

SCF is a non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperative-run school approved by the Ministry of Education and a subordinate college of Donghua University. It has the license of Chinese-foreign cooperative education for undergraduate education (License No. : MOE31UKA02DNR20141590N), and Fashion Design (130505H) and Environmental Design (130503H) are listed in the national enrollment plan for ordinary colleges and universities, and participate in the national unified entrance examination for ordinary colleges and universities.


2. What are the advantages of SCF College?

All courses of SCF College introduce the original teaching materials and teaching methods and assessment methods of the corresponding courses of Edinburgh College of Art. Through the implementation of progressive bilingual teaching in Chinese and English and full English teaching, SCF College lays the foundation for students' professional + English ability to enter the international professional field in the future. In addition, the rich variety of international teaching and practice will further strengthen the students in innovation ability, design ability, team spirit, globalization awareness and comprehensive quality of training and exercise. SCF college adopts the international first-class education system, gathers the international first-class teachers, builds the international first-class open platform of fashion education, and cultivates the urgently needed international, high-quality and innovative senior professional talents for the development of fashion creative industry in Shanghai, China and even the world. The University of Edinburgh is one of the world's leading multidisciplinary universities. The University of Edinburgh is ranked 20th in the QS World University Rankings 2020. It is currently the highest ranked university in the world among Chinese-foreign cooperatively run schools or programs approved by the Ministry of Education. The University of Edinburgh is ranked 30th in The Times World University Rankings 2020. In its long history, the University of Edinburgh has cultivated many figures who have influenced the development of world civilization, including 4 British Prime Ministers and 27 Nobel Prize winners.


3. What is the specialty and scale of SCF?

SCF college offers two majors: Fashion Innovation (China-UK cooperation) and Fashion Interior Design (China-UK cooperation), both of which are international cooperative academic education programs jointly held by Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh in the UK. All students are four-year full-time undergraduate students of general higher education.


4. What is the admission process of SCF College in 2020?

For Chinese students: Please refer to the general Rules of Admission for Arts majors in 2020 of Donghua University for details. All majors of SCF are limited to English language candidates, and the score of English single subject in COLLEGE Entrance Examination is not less than 90 points (full score is 150 points) or not less than 72 points (full score is 120 points).

International students: admitted in accordance with relevant national regulations.


5. Does SCF College have a mandatory requirement for students' English scores in the college Entrance Examination?

Institute of SCF on the needs of the students for the college entrance examination English: Fashion design (China-UK cooperation), Environmental design (China-UK cooperation) meet the college entrance examination English score of no less than 90 (out of 150 points), such as English only branch grade in more than 125 points (out of 150 points), and clothing and apparel design (china-uk cooperation), or environmental design (china-uk cooperation) specialty for the first volunteer, the comprehensive performance of the major added 10 points in line.

After admission, all majors offer IELTS specific English courses (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in the first and second academic year to help students adapt to the environment of all-English teaching.


6. How about the faculty of SCF?

The faculty of SCF College includes foreign teachers from well-known art colleges abroad, well-known experts and scholars in the international design field, visiting professors of fashion entrepreneurs and full-time teachers resident in SCF College.


7. What is the student training mode of SCF College?

(1) The length of undergraduate courses in SCF College is four years, and the status management of Chinese students shall be carried out in accordance with the Regulations of Donghua University on The Management of Undergraduate Credit System.

(2) Students who have successfully completed the first and second academic years of SCF can be selected to study in the University of Edinburgh.


8. What requirements must SCF students meet after they transfer to the University of Edinburgh for two years of study?

(1) IELTS score no less than 6.5 (and no less than 6.0 for single subject);

(2) Students should have a grade point average of 3.0 (3.0) in SCF college, and the courses they should take should be qualified by examination or examination;

(3) The top 15 students (including international students) in academic performance of each major are eligible for interview;

(4) Qualified students are required to attend an interview held by a faculty appointed by the University of Edinburgh.


9. What certificates will SCF students receive upon completion of their studies?

Those who have completed four years of study in SCF school and passed the exam will be awarded the bachelor's degree certificate and the corresponding bachelor's degree certificate issued by Donghua University and recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.

Those who have successfully completed their studies in SCF college and University of Edinburgh (2+2) and passed the examination will be awarded the relevant bachelor's degree certificate and the corresponding bachelor's degree certificate issued by Donghua University and recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. At the same time, in accordance with the University of Edinburgh's degree awarding standards, will also be issued by the University of Edinburgh in the relevant professional University of Edinburgh bachelor of Arts certificate.


10. What is the domestic tuition and accommodation for students of SCF College (Class 2020)?

SCF Chinese Students (Class of 2020) : RMB 30,000 / year; Student accommodation at Donghua University: 1200 RMB/year;


11. What is the cost of two-year study in The University of Edinburgh for SCF students?

SCF students will pay an annual fee of approximately £23,000 per year (in line with the University of Edinburgh's 2020 international student fees) for the duration of their study at the University of Edinburgh, and each student will receive a special scholarship of 10% of the total tuition fee. Living and accommodation costs vary according to circumstances.


12. How about SCF student scholarships and grants?

Chinese students of SCF college can participate in Donghua University student Award and financial aid assessment. Specific details should refer to Donghua University Student Scholarship and Honorary Title Awarding Measures (Trial) and Donghua University Student Assistance Management Measures.