Shanghai college students fashion science and technology innovation platform

In the context of globalization, the trend of science and technology industry and the trend of fashion industry is an important new trend of industrial integration and development. The combination of fashion and scientific innovation has also become an important way for fashion development to obtain high-end source power. At present, in New York, London, Paris, Milan and Silicon Valley around the emergence of the innovative mode of fashion technology integration. The establishment of a fashion science and technology innovation platform, with Shanghai International Fashion and Creative College as the carrier, and the linkage of Shanghai core fashion and creative cultural and creative park, plays an important role in promoting the transformation of college students' fashion science and technology innovation achievements and business incubation. At the same time, the platform serves as a resource for the collaboration of fashion and creative disciplines in universities in Shanghai, which is of great significance for improving the overall innovation level of fashion and creative disciplines in Shanghai, accelerating the construction of a global science and innovation center in Shanghai, promoting the development of high-tech industry in Shanghai and building an innovative country.

This project is based on Shanghai International College of Fashionandinnovation, Donghua University (SCF College), Shanghai Fashion Capital Promotion Center and Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center to jointly build the Shanghai College Students' Fashion Innovation Platform (hereinafter referred to as Fashion Innovation Platform). Through three years of construction, with the fashion design discipline as the main body and the interdisciplinary construction of textile, material, information, management, etc., we will create an international first-class fashion innovation discipline group and form a disciplinary highland. Gathering world-class science masters, art masters and design masters to form a talent highland; Policies, funds, space, facilities and other hardware and software supporting, forming a resource highland; Organize large-scale fashion science and technology innovation activities, fashion creative work release conference and world-class innovation and integration competition, promote the development of fashion industry clusters, and form a high achievements.

In the form of master workshop, build a nest to attract the Phoenix, to form a fashion creative linkage mechanism of attracting masters, gathering talents and cultivating new talents; To become the three collections axis of discipline concentration, talent concentration and innovation integration, and the three open platform of theory beginning, application development and mechanism opening; The three innovation base of original innovation, fashion creativity and intellectual entrepreneurship. By building a leading and exemplary fashion innovation platform in the international fashion field, incubating fashion and creative industry elites with an international perspective, building an internationally leading high-end cultural and artistic talent training institution, and preliminarily building a fashion innovation platform with international influence, the agglomeration effect of fashion innovation resources will be formed. We will promote the building of Shanghai into a city of innovation, culture and ecology. Leading the international fashion and science and technology trend, consolidating and enhancing Shanghai's authoritative position in the field of fashion science and innovation education, and comprehensively helping Shanghai become an international science and innovation center. The main contents of the project are as follows:

The introduction of masters, the formation of high-end creative talent convergence Donghua effect
Absorption and training of excellent high-end creative people is an important starting point to realize the sustainable innovation and development of fashion science and technology innovation platform, and is also the bottleneck problem to be solved in the construction of international first-class fashion science and technology innovation platform. This project will integrate the employment mechanism of high-end cultural and artistic talent training institutions with international standards, introduce international and domestic fashion masters in line with international standards, and strengthen the construction of supporting service team for the introduction of overseas fashion talents. Strive to build project + high-end talent, to project resource exchanging and gather talent, talent exchange introduced overseas, regional talent collaborative innovation fashion science and technology platform carrier, absorb and to develop international and domestic fashion guru, further deepen refinement strengthening high-end fashion talent introduction of integral form a complete set of system construction, formation of high-end creative talent donghua effect.

Carry out four kinds of high-end fashion innovation activities
Supported by donghua university institute of SCF advantage disciplines, to fashion science and technology base as the carrier, the platform will be held in four types of high-end fashion science and technology activities: to carry out the fashion creative master workshop, consists of master of international and domestic fashion fashion creative mentor, guide the teachers and students for creative work samples making, lead the SCF students to participate in the international and domestic fashion win the competition, and strive to cut his awards; Hold high-end fashion work release conference and exhibition, display creative achievements of fashion creative design and fashion interior design from multi-level and three-dimensional; Practifying the communication and development model of bringing in and going out, participating in the Edinburgh Festival and other international first-class art activities in the form of exhibitions and performances, and releasing the outstanding achievements of demonstrative talent training institutions on internationally renowned art platforms; Focusing on the international fashion frontier, holding high-level international fashion forums and seminars; We will gather authoritative evaluation experts in the field of fashion science and technology and hold the internationally influential International Youth Fashion and Technology Integration Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The fashion science and technology innovation platform website will be established to form the joint propaganda force between online and offline of the platform through online and offline interaction mode. Fashion creativity teaching will be conducted for the whole city (especially for primary and middle school students), and basic knowledge of fashion science and technology innovation will be popularized.

Complete the construction of fashion science and technology innovation base, incubate and create students' creative achievements
By relying on the international teaching system of SCF College and integrating the resources of Shanghai Fashion City Promotion Center and Shanghai International Fashion Science and Technology Innovation Center of Donghua University, we will complete the construction of two major science and technology innovation bases, Fashion Creative Design Base and Fashion Interior Design Base. We strive to become the think tank and landmark science and innovation platform of Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center, brand service and incubation area, international senior fashion and science and technology talent cultivation base, science and innovation information and industrial information gathering and releasing center, and realize the linkage of science and innovation between the city's fashion and creative disciplines with SCF College as the core and the cultural and creative park. Science and technology platform and innovative business incubation and service function, promote the development of production, depth fusion, linkage advantage electricity enterprises, brand of college students' independent innovation, form the enterprise needs to guide, the international master tutor, interdisciplinary science and technology results of incubation, rapid achievements of the operation mode of the Shanghai college students' fashion science and technology achievements hatching and innovation system.