This major aims to develop the system of fashion interior design knowledge and skills, generous fashion creative culture, and social science knowledge, familiar with international and domestic environment for fashion design business norms, with international fashion interior design concept, meet the requirement of fashion creative industry rapid development, in the international and domestic fashion creative industry engaged in interior design, visual marketing, display space design and planning of high-quality talent.

Students are required to master the basic theory of design and receive the basic training of fashion interior design standards, understand the process and method of international fashion interior design project management, familiar with the new trend of interior commercial space design of international and domestic fashion brands, and have solid fashion culture, interior design, display design skills, can carry on the cognition and analysis of fashion commercial space with the innovative thinking. Students are able to have the high fashion aesthetic accomplishment, and the comprehensive ability of fashion brand interior space creative design, and use English proficiently to communicate in daily and professional fields.

Application for admission

Chinese students are required to attend the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. For details, please refer to the undergraduate admission booklet of Donghua University.

International students please refer to SCF international admission booklet.