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Stu/D/O Architects


Recent Works

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October 31st, 2022 │ 13:45 (GMT +08:00)

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Apichart Srirojanapinyo
Chanasit Cholasuek,泰国Stu/D/O Architects事务所主持建筑师
Apichart Srirojanapinyo & Chanasit CholasuekPrincipal architects of Stu/D/O Architects

Stu/D/O Architects 是一家位于曼谷的建筑事务所,其实践包括建筑、都市和可持续领域,即设计应该考虑每个场地的物理和文化特性,事务所没有采用固定的设计流程,而是专注于强大的设计文化,将新鲜的想法汇集在一起,从而产生新的建筑型态和创意空间。Stu/D/O 的作品反映了人类经验在创造中的重要性,以及建筑环境的复杂性。

两位主持建筑师Chanasit CholasuekD和 Apichart SrirojanapinyoO分别毕业于英国AA建筑联盟学院和美国MIT麻省理工学院,并于2010 年成立Stu/ D/O Architects他们以多元的工作方式带来无限制的设计思维,从而更自由探索建筑的新可能性;Stu/D/O 凭借其充满激情的建筑师、设计师和工程师团队,设计一系列本地和国际项目,包括展览设计、私人住宅到大型商业建筑、超高层办公住宅等。

自成立以来,Stu/D/O的建筑作品获得了各种奖项和国际认可。最近,Stu/D/O的项目连续两年获得WAF世界建筑节奖项,包括InterCrop总部办公在 2018 年办公楼类别,和Naiipa复合艺术中心在 2017 年多功能类别中。此外,Naiipa复合艺术中心还被选为 2017 年 ARCASIA建筑奖、2016 年泰国暹罗皇家建筑师协会的高度推荐奖以及2015年《Wallpaper*》杂志的年度建筑。

Stu/D/O Architects is a Bangkok-based architectural design studio whose practice traverses the fields of architecture, urbanism and sustainable design. Grounded in the belief that architecture should consider all layers of physical and cultural distinctness in each site, the office does not adopt a fixed design process, but instead focus on a strong studio culture that pool together fresh ideas to result in new design approaches and possibilities of creating space. Founded under the desire to create architecture that sustains itself and the community along with it, Stu/D/O’s work reflects the importance of the human experience within the creation, and complexities of constructed environments.

Having graduated in Architecture Design from AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture; Sustainable Design) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Architecture and Urbanism) respectively, the two co-founders Chanasit Cholasuek (D) and Apichart Srirojanapinyo (O) established Stu/D/O Architects in 2010 under the belief that a collaborative working environment lead to unrestrictive design thinking that allows for the freedom to explore new possibilities of architecture. With its team of passionate architects, designers and engineers, Stu/D/O has designed and is currently involved in both local and international projects across an array of design typologies. These include a wide range of design projects, from small exhibition designs, private residences to large commercial buildings.

Since its establishment, Stu/D/O has received various awards and international recognition for their architectural work. Most recently, Stu/D/O’s projects received awards from World Architecture Festival (WAF) for two consecutive years: InterCrop Headquarter in the 2018 Office Building Category and Naiipa Art Complex in the 2017 Mixed Used Category. In addition, Naiipa was selected for the 2017 Honorable Mention from The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, the 2016 Citation Award from the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA), along with the 2015 Building of the Year by Wallpaper* Magazine.

Kulthida Songkittipakdee
Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Jenchieh Hung, Boli Wang



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